/cedry1402013.html,-,Bed,$42,Cubitat,Petz,accudb.com,Cat,Multi-Level,Pet Supplies , Cats,Primetime $42 Primetime Petz Cubitat - Multi-Level Cat Bed Pet Supplies Cats Primetime Petz Cubitat - sale Bed Multi-Level Cat $42 Primetime Petz Cubitat - Multi-Level Cat Bed Pet Supplies Cats Primetime Petz Cubitat - sale Bed Multi-Level Cat /cedry1402013.html,-,Bed,$42,Cubitat,Petz,accudb.com,Cat,Multi-Level,Pet Supplies , Cats,Primetime

Primetime Petz Cubitat - sale Bed Multi-Level Brand new Cat

Primetime Petz Cubitat - Multi-Level Cat Bed


Primetime Petz Cubitat - Multi-Level Cat Bed

Product description


55105 Color: White Features: -Compact design incorporates two lounge surfaces. -Enhances cat’s environment providing a place of ownership. -Offers cats multiple lounging options, raised lookout or lower hideaway. -Openings on all 4 sides prevent cats from being trapped. -Raised sides create a backrest surrounding upper lounge surface. -Thick felt pads on upper and lower lounging surfaces. Product Type: -Designer. Shape: -Square. Designer: -Yes. Pattern: -Solid. Pet Category: -Cats. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -15". Overall Width - Side to Side: -15". Overall Depth - Front to Back: -15". Opening Height - Top to Bottom: -9". Opening Width - Side to Side: -6". Overall Product Weight: -12.5 lbs.

Primetime Petz Cubitat - Multi-Level Cat Bed

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