Meriwoods Christmas Sale SALE% OFF Stockings 6 Pack Small 15 Knit Inches Cable Meriwoods Christmas Sale SALE% OFF Stockings 6 Pack Small 15 Knit Inches Cable Pack,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Knit,/heterogamous1870791.html,Stockings,,Cable,$25,Small,6,15,,Meriwoods,Christmas,Inches $25 Meriwoods Christmas Stockings, 6 Pack 15 Inches Small Cable Knit Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Pack,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Knit,/heterogamous1870791.html,Stockings,,Cable,$25,Small,6,15,,Meriwoods,Christmas,Inches $25 Meriwoods Christmas Stockings, 6 Pack 15 Inches Small Cable Knit Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor

Minneapolis Mall Meriwoods Christmas Sale SALE% OFF Stockings 6 Pack Small 15 Knit Inches Cable

Meriwoods Christmas Stockings, 6 Pack 15 Inches Small Cable Knit


Meriwoods Christmas Stockings, 6 Pack 15 Inches Small Cable Knit

Product description

Color:Diamond Cable Stitch 6 Pack 15 Inches

100% refund if unsatisfied of your purchase, no hassle to return, just contact us

Care Instructions:
Hand wash
Natural dry
Low-temp or steam iron

Old-fashioned cable knit pattern, perfect Christmas indoor decorations matches different home decor styles
Strong and rich wine red and off white
Knitted of heavy yarn, chunky and soft, feels like a sweater
Double-sided knitted, you can display either side on fireplace mantle
Roomy to be filled with Xmas gift card, Xmas stocking stuffers
Put names on it and get a personalized present for family, children and pets

Christmas décor
Indoor decorations ornament for home, fireplace mantle, office
Holiday gift for family, friends, kids

Quantity: 6 pcs
Length: 15 inch
Materials: Polyester
Color: Burgundy, ivory white
Style: Farmhouse, rustic

Meriwoods Christmas Stockings, 6 Pack 15 Inches Small Cable Knit

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