$36 RUKO 108241 HSS Core Drill with 3/4" Weldon Shank, CBN Ground, 4 Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools RUKO 108241 HSS Core Drill with 3 Shank Ground Dallas Mall 4" 4 CBN Weldon RUKO 108241 HSS Core Drill with 3 Shank Ground Dallas Mall 4" 4 CBN Weldon $36 RUKO 108241 HSS Core Drill with 3/4" Weldon Shank, CBN Ground, 4 Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools 108241,RUKO,4,/josh1647845.html,Shank,,3/4",$36,with,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,accudb.com,HSS,Ground,,CBN,Weldon,Drill,Core 108241,RUKO,4,/josh1647845.html,Shank,,3/4",$36,with,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,accudb.com,HSS,Ground,,CBN,Weldon,Drill,Core

RUKO 108241 HSS Core Drill with 3 Shank Ground Dallas Mall 4

RUKO 108241 HSS Core Drill with 3/4" Weldon Shank, CBN Ground, 4


RUKO 108241 HSS Core Drill with 3/4" Weldon Shank, CBN Ground, 4

Product description

Core drill made of heavy-duty high speed steel. Suitable for steel (such as T-brackets, large sheets), cast iron, non-ferrous and light metals.

RUKO 108241 HSS Core Drill with 3/4" Weldon Shank, CBN Ground, 4



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