Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Bedroom,Solid,$32,Texture,accudb.com,100%,Blackout,/melaphyre1648167.html,Th,Curtains,for,Linen,MIULEE $32 MIULEE Linen Texture Curtains for Bedroom Solid 100% Blackout Th Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $32 MIULEE Linen Texture Curtains for Bedroom Solid 100% Blackout Th Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Bedroom,Solid,$32,Texture,accudb.com,100%,Blackout,/melaphyre1648167.html,Th,Curtains,for,Linen,MIULEE MIULEE Linen Texture Curtains for 100% Solid Blackout Inexpensive Th Bedroom MIULEE Linen Texture Curtains for 100% Solid Blackout Inexpensive Th Bedroom

MIULEE Linen Texture NEW before selling ☆ Curtains for 100% Solid Blackout Inexpensive Th Bedroom

MIULEE Linen Texture Curtains for Bedroom Solid 100% Blackout Th


MIULEE Linen Texture Curtains for Bedroom Solid 100% Blackout Th

Product Description



MIULEE 100% BLACKOUT CURTAINS add a coating on the triple weave fabric. A little addition, a much better blackout effct!

  • The curtains block almost sunlight so that they can turn day to night, especially suitable for late sleeper, nightshifts.

MIULEE 100% BLACKOUT CURTAINS are made by linen fabric, not ordinary polyester fabric. A change makes natural sense!

  • The curtains appear solid color, simple style, decorate you home, all-match for your bedroom, living room.
100% Blackout Curtains Linen Textured Sheer Curtains Thermal Linen Blackout Curtain Linen Semi Sheer Window Curtains Total Blackout Heat Insulation Curtains 100% Blackout Curtains for Sliding Door
Fabric type Linen Textured Fabric 100% Polyester Voile Faux Linen Fabric Linen Textured Voile Polyester Fabric Rich Linen Textured Fabric
Color options 6 color options 12 color options 6 color options 8 color options 6 color options 7 color options
Size options 4 size options 8 size options 3 size options 8 size options 3 size options 100 x 84 inch
Blackout 100% Light Blocking Not Blackout 60%-70% Light Blocking Not Blackout 100% Blackout 100% Blackout
Curtain Type Rod Pocket Grommet Top Grommet Top Grommet Top Grommet Top Grommet Top

MIULEE Linen Texture Curtains for Bedroom Solid 100% Blackout Th

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