$39 EAVD Colorful Polka Dots Print Duvet Cover Queen Soft 100% Cotto Home Kitchen Bedding EAVD Colorful Polka Dots Print Duvet Cotto Cover OFFicial 100% Queen Soft Soft,EAVD,accudb.com,Cotto,Duvet,$39,Dots,Cover,Queen,100%,/melaphyre1648467.html,Polka,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Colorful,Print Soft,EAVD,accudb.com,Cotto,Duvet,$39,Dots,Cover,Queen,100%,/melaphyre1648467.html,Polka,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Colorful,Print $39 EAVD Colorful Polka Dots Print Duvet Cover Queen Soft 100% Cotto Home Kitchen Bedding EAVD Colorful Polka Dots Print Duvet Cotto Cover OFFicial 100% Queen Soft

EAVD Colorful Polka Dots Print Duvet Cotto Cover OFFicial 100% Queen Ranking TOP15 Soft

EAVD Colorful Polka Dots Print Duvet Cover Queen Soft 100% Cotto


EAVD Colorful Polka Dots Print Duvet Cover Queen Soft 100% Cotto

Product Description

EAVD is a high-quality store, focus on the home textile. We mainly sell Bedding Sets, Duvet Cover Set, Fitted Sheet, Blanket and Pillowcases.

Enjoy all valuable days and nights!!!

EAVD: Enjoy + EAVD: All + EAVD: Valuable + EAVD: Days and Nights


geometric duvet cover

Unique Pattern: Our kids bedding set designed with colorful polka dots print, make room more colorful and cute, suitable for Kids, Boys, Girls, Men, Women, Adults, School Dormitory, Friends, Family; perfect for homeowners with sophisticated tastes in decoration hom, best bedding gifts for Christmas day, Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Day.

polka dot print duvet cover twin


Twin Duvet Cover Set : 1* 68"*86" Duvet Cover +2 * 20"x26" Pillowcases, for twin Bed

Full/Queen Size Duvet Cover Set : 1* 90"*90" Duvet Cover +2 * 20"x26" Pillowcases, for full/queen Bed

Package includes 1 Duvet Cover +2 Pillowcases


  • 1) Comforter /fitted sheet NOT Included!!!
  • 2) EASY CARE-----Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle with similar colors, Do not bleach, Tumble dry low
queen duvet cover geometric pattern

Convenient Design

  • Hidden zipper closure designed, easy to put your comforter in and out.
  • four ties in each corner of duvet cover keep comforter in place, Pillowcases are envelope closure

EAVD Colorful Polka Dots Print Duvet Cover Queen Soft 100% Cotto

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